Ben Gilman

Five great design blogs

I was browsing through my installation of Fever today and thought it might be nice to give some kudos to the finest of the design blogs that I subscribe to, so here goes:

1. For A Beautiful Web by Andy Clarke (@Malarkey)

Let’s start with a no-brainer. Andy Clarke’s blog is informative, well-written and entertaining too. It’s also lovely to look at. I’d particularly recommend the slides of Andy’s Walls Come Tumbling Down presentation and his write-ups of the New Internationalist design process.

2. Veerle’s Blog by Veerle Pieters (@vPieters)

Veerle’s Blog has appeared on countless ‘great blog design’ lists and those honours are richly deserved. But the real highlight is Veerle’s content, particular her Illustrator and Photoshop posts. For me, as a relative Illustrator amateur, it’s fascinating to see (and learn) how effects are achieved.

3. Hicksdesign by Jon Hicks (@Hicksdesign)

As I vaguely recall it was Jon’s blog that first alerted me to designing with web standards instead of tables and Dreamweaver - it was a long time ago. I’ve been a keen reader ever since. Jon blogs less then he once did and his subject matter is as likely to be cheese as it is design but it’s always worth a read.

4. Bokardo by Joshua Porter (@bokardo)

A new entry for me, Joshua Porter writes insightful posts on all aspects of interface and user experience design for the social web like microcopy, avatars and Gall’s Law. Consistently excellent stuff.

5. CR Blog by Creative Review (@creativeReview)

Boo to the corporate publishing entity amongst the talented individuals - I’ll let them off. The Creative Review blog is a great source of quality creative design work across all fields which will inspire and irritate in equal measure. They do interesting ‘questions of the week’ too.

So there’s my five. Any suggestions for a follow-up list?

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